Davaon's Gardening Calendar: Top Tasks for March

Davaon's gardening calendar: top tasks for march

Spring is just around the corner. As temperatures are rising and blue skies are on the horizon, we wanted to remind you that March is one of the most crucial gardening months of the year. The seeds you sow in March set the tone for a thriving garden in the summer and autumn months to come.

If you're wondering which tasks to do in the garden in March, we have put together a list of our top tips for garden maintenance to help you achieve flourishing growth in no time. Whether your goal is a lovely fuchsia display on your patio or you are aiming for a grow-your-own corner full of fresh strawberries, potatoes and spring onions, following our list of essential gardening tasks for March makes sure you are on track.

plant sprouting from the soil

March announces the start of the growing season


Click here for more information about how to successfully plan out the gardening seasons and discover plenty of useful tips and tricks for the individual months.

What we'll cover in this article:


For a prosperous patio

Now is the perfect time to sow seeds and get those plants potted up! This way, you benefit from a head start when it comes to transferring your plants to hanging baskets and patio pots, allowing you to put together your best flourishing display yet.


For sowing and growing your own

Good news for all the grow-your-own fans out there: March is the perfect time for early sowing of crops, such as lettuce, carrot, beetroot, and of course, spring onions! Make sure to protect your shoots from slugs.

Why not plant some delicious strawberries once you are done with your vegetable garden, too? By propagating your own vegetables and fruits in March, you can look forward to harvesting some mouth-watering, homegrown foods as early as June or July.

 a basket full of vegetables including broccoli, red cabbage, cucumber, leek, and zucchini

Start sowing crops in March to get plenty of mouth-watering veggies for your dishes


For blooming beds and borders

Everything is slowly waking up in spring. To prepare your beds and borders, we recommend starting by clearing away branches, cutting back winter stems and keeping weeds under control. Your lawns may require edging and mowing.

Ensure your mower blades are sharp before doing so. Now is the time to trim your bushes and prune your rose garden. Make sure to keep all your clearings for compost, and remember to dress your perennials and shrubs with fertiliser.


For wintered ponds and gutters

Remove netting and any heaters from your ponds. Make sure to discard any foreign objects floating in your pond. This allows your fishes to enjoy clear water as it gets closer to the summer months and temperatures are rising up. The quicker you remove any leaves and debris, the less likely it is for algae to develop. Make sure to add any clearing from your gutters to your compost!

 a koi fish rising to the surface of the pond

Clean up your pond so your fishes can enjoy the brighter days too!


Wrapping Up

In March, Magnolias, Tulips and Daffodils start to bloom and add vibrant colours to our landscapes. As we smell the first notes of fresh flowers in the air, we are reminded of new beginnings.

This is the perfect time to get things going, dust off the BBQ and get into our gardens on a couple of sunny days to sow our seeds for the summer months to come.

Make sure to start thinking about your gardening plan for April. If you want to get a head start on the rest of the year, you can read about our best tips and tricks for each season.

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