Davaon's Gardening Calendar: Top Tasks for June

Davaon's gardening calendar: top tasks for june

June is here! The month that sees spring transition into summer. The month with longest days of the year. The busiest time of the year for every gardener. Weeding, planting, watering, and dead-heading being only a few of the tasks essential for this prosperous month. 

The workload is worth it though, as this month fully rewards your efforts by offering heaps of sunlight, the first delicious strawberries of the year and plenty of vibrant colour displays across your garden. So let's get right into it. We have put together our top tasks for June to get you right on track for summer!


sunny garden with green lawn and blooming peonies

June marks the start of the summer with plenty of sunny days to look forward to


Alternatively, you can head over here for more information on how to plan out the gardening seasons and discover plenty of useful pointers for the individual months.

Some summer cleaning

With the arrival of the warmer summer temperatures, your plants are growing stronger than ever. Make sure to water them regularly so they don’t dry out in the heat and deadhead any spring flowering plants that have gone over by now. Be careful not to overwater any of your plants or fields, though. 


a colourful watering can sitting on top of a well

Make sure your plants get plenty of water in June


June marks the ideal time to really get your garden looking its best, so make sure to remove any eyesores and take cuttings of coleus, fuchsias, pelargonium, verbena and perennial wallflowers as you go. Don’t forget to get a bundle of fresh lavender and hang it upside down in a warm room to dry out. 


Sweet summer strawberries

June marks the beginning of our vegetable garden's first harvest, providing potatoes and sweet strawberries as a reward for the previous weeks' efforts. Nothing beats the flavour of freshly picked strawberries!


close-up view of red strawberries

Watch out for the season's first strawberries


Birds and other animals will be attracted to your habitats now as they are bursting with colour and full of various scents. There are lots of fruits and seeds to feed on, so cover your crops and fruit trees. Using mesh netting or copper take can protect your fruit from snails, slugs, beetles and worms.


Keep flowers well-fed & supported

Now is also a great time to feed any plants that are fruiting or flowering at this time of year at least once a week. This maximises flower production and achieves more abundant crops. Make sure to fertilise your ornamental shrubs and don’t forget to also feed your patio pots for healthy flowers and fruits.


blooming pink dahlias

Your summer flowering bulbs should be in full bloom this month


On top of feeding your flowers, you will want to remember to offer additional support to any tall plants. Your tall perennials may be in full bloom this month, so make sure to secure them for windy and rainy days by tying their stems to a frame. 


Wrapping Up

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of soft grass under your feet with a cold drink and some tasty summer snacks to welcome this season. Why not use this harvesting opportunity to prepare a delicious fruit salad with your own sweet strawberries or go for a more hearty potato salad fresh from your garden?

Make sure to start thinking about your gardening plan for July. If you want to get a head start on the rest of the year, you can read about our best tips and tricks for each season.

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