Davaon's Gardening Calendar: Top Tasks for April

Davaon's gardening calendar: top tasks for april

Spring has finally sprung! Temperatures have gradually risen and frequent rainfall is keeping our gardens well watered, providing an excellent environment for a thriving garden. 

If you followed our tips and tricks from the previous month, your patio displays and hanging baskets should be well on their way to a successful season now. Read on to discover our list of essential gardening tasks for April to look forward to a successful summer harvest. 

summer patio with hanging flower pots and a white bicycle leaning against a tree

Full-blooming flowers in April will make you not want to leave your patio!


Click here for more information about how to successfully plan out the gardening seasons and discover plenty of useful tips and tricks for the individual months.

What we'll cover in this article:


Preparing for a colourful garden

Daffodils, tulips, and snowdrops that were blooming in the previous months are beginning to fade as the season comes to a gradual end. Removing any spent flowers you may spot allows you to put the energy back into the bulb, strengthening the bulb for the upcoming season!
Of course, it also makes your flower display more vibrant and healthy, so you can enjoy the spring colours for that little bit longer. Speaking of vibrant colours; now is the perfect time to plant perennials at the front of your borders or in flower pots to add a sea of sparkling hues to your landscape.


blooming orange and yellow flowers

Plant perennials to give a pop of colour to your garden


Beds & Borders & Moss Control

Now, let's talk about top-dressing and mulching your boders and beds! Doing so helps give your emerging garden a great season and supports herbaceous plants that died in the colder winter months to make a re-appearance in the coming months.

When it comes to your lawn, we recommend getting a head start on moss control and repairing any bald patches. You can use mulch to suppress the weeds for the summer months to come. Be sure to use generous amounts, as this helps keep them under control. It also keeps your gardening landscape moist! Additionally, distributing some fertiliser around your garden encourages strong root growth and rich green foliage.  

hyacinth on a flower bed covered in mulch

Mulching helps suppress weed and improve the soil around your flowers


Grow-Your-Own: Tip of the Month

If you followed our gardening tips for March, you are already on the way for a successful veggie patch. If you haven’t, do not worry. All is not lost. You can start by covering up any open areas where you are planning to plant your summer crops. This helps warm up the soil. Warmer temperatures give your crops the best possible start for a successful harvest in the months to come!


Wrapping Up

As we feel the gentle sunshine on our skin and breathe in the scent of spring rain, we are reminded of rebirth, regrowth and renewal. April marks the perfect time for new beginnings and invites us to take action. This is a great month to paint your sheds, deckings and fences and to get all those jobs done, so you can be sure to enjoy your garden at its best this summer.

Make sure to start thinking about your gardening plan for May. If you want to get a head start on the rest of the year, you can read about our best tips and tricks for each season.

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