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Davaon Pro Multi-Tool Sharpener

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  • Choose between the coarse and fine sides to sharpen shears, scissors, pruners, axes or loppers and give your kitchen and gardening tools a new lease of life
  • Let the diamond coating do the work. The durable coat allows you to gently stroke dull blades over the sharpener with minimal effort and no force required
  • Use the curved, coarse side for heavy-duty blade refurbishment and the flat, fine side for finishes and fine-tuning. After only a few passes, your blades will be as good as new
  • The non-slip handle allows for a tight grip and provides increased comfort due to its soft-grip finish. The additional finger guard provides ultimate protection to keep your hands safe at all times
  • You can use this handy sharpener for most garden tools as well as your kitchen utensils and camping gear. Keep your pocket knives sharp for your next hiking trip or revive your old kitchen scissors

Customer Reviews

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Robina Gale
Good little tool

Bought this a few weeks ago and was impressed by the customer service of the company who took trouble to send me pdfs in advance with instructions for the tools I purchased. I also bought some shears.
Today I read the instructions and out I went to my very blunt tools including secateurs, shears and loppers. Most impressed as they are all now living to fight another day! Thank you.

David Ford

Great for sharpening all types of blades, with one curved side - I’ve used that for a hand scythe and pruning shears, plus a flat side which worked well on penknives / nurserymens knives and a long bale knife.
So far the diamond coating seems to be holding up..

Simple and Effective

Used for blunt shears and scissors so far. The Tool Sharpener is simple to use and works well. The old shears have been given a new lease of life. The scissors that I was going to throw away as they couldn't cut paper are now sharp enough to have a new purpose in life and are used every day. Used carefully on anything that has lost its cutting edge. This seems to be the answer.

Value For Money

This is a very easy to use tool sharpener. This is a well made product and does the job perfectly and value for money. Davaon is a good overall manufacturer of gardening tools and I have used this particular seller in the past. Overall a excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone.

Great design

Very easy to use. Item looks to have good build quality. One side is coarse and the other side is fine. Works similar to a file. Tried on scissors and secateurs which were easy to sharpen with this tool - recommended.

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