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Davaon Pro Extendable Anvil Loppers

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  • These powerful loppers with durable metal anvil slice through hardy branches, woody stems and dead wood up to at least 32mm with little effort required
  • The telescopic handles extent from 630mm to 950mm with a secure quick-twist lock, so you can reach those high-up branches with ease and adjust the length based on your needs
  • The loppers have been equipped with an advanced compound action mechanism that makes cutting significantly easier, saving you time and effort
  • The premium SK5 carbon steel blades allow for precision cutting and are less likely to nick. They also require less frequent sharpening, so you can rely on sharp blades for longer
  • The soft-grip handles are made from lightweight aluminium - both durable and rust-resistant. The design increases comfort and minimises the risk of blistering during long use

Customer Reviews

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Good Product

Very lightweight, I have done loads of jobs with them without getting arm ache. They cut through about an inch thick without any trouble but anything bigger they did make a clicking noise so I just went at it from both sides. Easy to open out and lock, thought they would extend a little further and the jaw would be wider but overall I am happy with them.

the 'Don' of loppers. Yes you can buy cheaper ...

the 'Don' of loppers. Yes you can buy cheaper ones but these are the real deal. Feel solid and well made and cut throught thick branches with ease. pay the extra it pays dividends longterm.

Smaller than expected but work well.

Smaller than I was expecting but good for cutting 2-3 cm wide branches. Anything thicker and the handles start to flex which would signify that it's under to much pressure. I trimmed my apple tree and it was useful to extend them a bit. They cut well and seem ok.

So glad I brought them

These are amazing, easily the best thing I've brought for garden work, and I have way more tools than I want to admit to. I needed some serious loppers to deal with some ivy growing on the second floor of our house. The roots are unfortunately in my neighbour's garden and she won't let me get rid of the plant, but I needed a way to reach as much of the branches/vines as I could to separate it from my house and kill it off.

These cut through the branches with ease, some of them are easily 3cm thick and maybe even more, but it wasn't hard at all to snip through and make quick work of the ivy. I only have a tallish step ladder and standing on the top with these telescoped out to their full length, they're over a meter and I could reach far higher than I expected. They're pretty lightweight but after an hour of using them your arms will be sore, so it's good for working your biceps I guess!

Like a knife through butter

Arrived today so I thought I'd give them a quick try out before starting work on my overgrown shrubs and trees tomorrow.

They are excellent and cut through thick branches with ease - literally no effort. I've honestly never had a tool so sharp that makes such light work of cutting through branches. So happy I opted for these.

Highly recommended.