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Davaon Pro Heavy-Duty Gardening Shears

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  • The razor-sharp SK5 carbon steel blades slice through hedges, shrub and plants with minimum effort. The wavy blade grips the plant, allowing for a smooth and uniform cut
  • The gearing mechanism allows you to achieve more with less force. Making these shears an ideal choice for prolonged pruning tasks as they will save you a lot of time and effort
  • These lightweight hedge clippers weigh only 820g, so you can lift them for longer without developing aches or repetitive motion injuries - Suitable for arthritic hands
  • Made using the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, these hedge clippers will become your favourite gardening tool for years to come
  • The long handles allow for a comfortable and safe grip whilst cutting and trimming, and the ergonomic soft-grip feature ensures to provide comfort


Advanced gear mechanism to prune your garden with ease. 560mm.

Customer Reviews

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Value for money

This are amazing value for money. Really sharp, not too heavy and easy to use. Trimmed a 12metre long 2metre high hedge with these in about 3 hours. They are brilliant to use and really happy with the purchase

Annoying use of plastic

I've given 3 stars because of the tight plastic ties put on to secure the Davaon name. It's unnecessary and I've scratched the metal trying to get them off. Please think about unnecessary use of plastic and what's the point of something being easy to use if you make it difficult with your choice of packaging?

Functional, good value

I am an amateur gardener, but was impressed with all the 5* reviews. The mature shrubs in our garden went quite wild over the summer (as they do) and I was looking for something that I could quickly cut it all back with.

These shears got the job done and quickly helped get a lot of my Bay Laurel down. They cut quite easily through the new growth so absolutely fine to keep things down each year, but struggled through branches about 1cm. It needed a lot more force (a couple of cuts rather than straight through in one chop). I had to leave anything thicker than 1cm as you can see in my photo(!) because I don’t think it could cut through - I went back to those with telescopic loppers.

These are great for small hedges/shrubs and any branches less than 1cm, otherwise you’ll need a more substantial tool! A pair of these is one of those essentials for the shed for those jobs in my opinion, and these ones are good value and decent quality.

I’ve seen other shears with reviews saying that they cut through branches like butter, which is not true of these. So it gets 4* as I think there are better ones out there for a keener gardener.

Gréât product

I bought this simply on the reviews and I was not disappointed ! They are amazing and din’t hurt my fragile hands. Very sharp and precise.

Superb light weight product

Great quality, light, robust and sharp.