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Davaon Pro Bypass Secateurs

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Ergonomic Protective Bypass Secateurs
Classic Bypass Secateurs
  • The auto-rotating lower handle allows for easy squeezing with minimum effort, reducing strain and fatigue. Complete with a soft-grip upper handle for ultimate comfort
  • These bypass pruners have an adjustable lever that allows you to easily modify the width to 50% - for a perfect fit whether you have small or large hands
  • These bypass cutters feature a fingerguard that protects you from painful scratches, thorns and rough branches, so you can prune with confidence
  • The hardened SK5 carbon steel blades are not only razor-sharp but also require less frequent sharpening than standard blades, allowing for long-lasting precision cutting
  • These precision-cut secateurs enable you to slice through branches as thick as 20mm with ease. The bypass design puts less pressure on the hands when doing so

Customer Reviews

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Sheila Toasland
Brilliant secateurs

Having a box full of blunt secateurs, I was delighted to find the Davaon ones cut brilliantly. They are comfortable and have a good locking system.

Terence Brown
Davaon secateurs

Good quality, does the job well.
To a while to get used to revolving handle

Ian M.
Easy to use, don't trap your hand in any way and maintain their performance.

Have been pruning a bush in the front garden which was beginning to get out of control. This meant the branches had become thick and very intertwined. Apart from two branches which needed to be sawn off all the other branches succumbed to the secateurs quite easily. They retain their sharpness, are easy to manipulate and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Easy to use and excellent quality

These are excellent value and even better secateurs, I bought many sets over the years and normally the first sign of a thumb sized twig they give up the ghost or worse they break, but with these and the rotating grip no problem. Very comfortable to use as well.

Easy to grip and not much effort required.

Previously owned a pair of these for many years but they had no brand name on them and was struggling to find a similar pair, so was delighted to find these. My previous pair were very easy to use , and cut through some fairly thick branches without much effort, had good grip, and offered some protection against thorns etc. I have tried other well known decent brands, but find these the best by far. Looking forward to doing some serious snipping with them!

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